Open FRs

ID Title Priority Due in
1 Add more properties to iCal export Medium
2 Add support for deadlines Low
3 Remot calendars Low
4 Improve command line interface High
5 Support for hierarchical todo items Low
6 Expression matching in calcurse: use regular expressions? Medium
8 Thread synchronization in calcurse Low
9 Add a key binding to toggle between visible/hidden todo items High
10 Add an optional argument to "--next" High
11 Implement word-wrap in the sidebar High
12 Add support for CalDAV protocol (rfc4791) Medium
13 Add support for ical's "BYDAY" recursion modifier Medium
14 Implement tags to classify appointments/tasks Medium
16 Implement support for a journal Medium
17 Make the config bar terminal-size dependant Low
18 Compute Easter sunday Low
20 Fine-grained color configuration Medium
21 Support strftime()-style input/output date formats High
22 Proof-read translatable strings Medium
23 Add a "toggle statusbar" key binding Medium
24 Detect duplicates when importing iCal files Medium
25 Punctal appointment Medium
26 Avoid ncurses race conditions High
27 Reintroduce context-sensitive help Medium

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be reported to the bugs mailing list (bugs at calcurse dot org). Each bug is added to the tracker after confirmation/review. Note that you will need to subscribe before submitting a report.