Closed Bugs

ID Title Priority Due in
1 Incorrect (localized) export in pcal format Medium 3.0.0
2 Sort calcurse -d output by time High 3.1.0
3 Broken multi-day formatting in non-interactive mode Medium 3.0.0
5 Core dump when pressing ^\ High
6 notification bar is screwed up High 3.1.2
7 Data corruption when starting/stopping calcurse rapidly High 3.1.0
8 Potential data corruption High 3.1.0
9 calcurse screen shows in editor/pager when the window is resized Medium 3.1.0

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be reported to the bugs mailing list (bugs at calcurse dot org). Each bug is added to the tracker after confirmation/review. Note that you will need to subscribe before submitting a report.